J again presented at the Dallas Market Center during June of 2006. His Top 10 lists and Tours continue to be a Dallas Market highlight. The lists are available on the right hand side of this page. Rememebr to stop by at the January 2007 Dallas Market and see J's top picks live and in person!

J's first tour was about Display and Merchandising.


The display on the left by Craig Bachman is noted for breaking the border with the Butterfly stream. at left, J makes a point while getting the tour started.

J reviews a window with a clean, simple and effective approach showing bonsai trees from Golden Bell Inc.

A Palm Springs theme was created to good effect at Direct Export.

Allstate incorporated a series of three earth elements in their displays, Fire, Water and Air.

Bachman's uses their name in different section of the showroom. J is excited about their fish market - they also set up a Bachman's Farmers Market.


Two of the exceptional pieces that are featured in every window of the Arty showroom.

J also conducted a Trends tour at the Dallas Market Center.

The crowd listened carefully to J's walking presentation and asked great questions as well.

A stop at Jim Marvin, showed the element of texture in Capiz shells. When asked about back and white as a Christmas trend, J referred to using small accents of black to keep from becoming too stark and unfriendly. The Jim Marvin ornaments at right create a wintery but inviting feeling.


The Trends Pied Piper continues on... The element of texture is well represented in the image on the right, right down to the shaggy table runner at Farrisilk.

For more of J's picks at the Dallas Market Center, be sure to check out all nine top ten picks sheets at the top of this story, listed on the right side of the page

Download J's Top Ten Picks from the June 2006 Dallas Market!

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