J brings you a re-cap of the June Market at Dallas - including some of his personal favorite things.

Two great items from Winward - a Hyacinth terrerium and a Magnolia blossom in a retro inspired glass container.

Cute Winward topiaries in a variety of colors - take your pick, you can't go wrong.

Beautiful containers and a novel tea light and holder were also great finds in the WInward showroom.

J marvels in wonderment over the oversized orchids that Matt Wood pointed out. Fantasy flowers were one of the underlying themes of the June Market.

At right J checks out a Winward Ginko tree.


J discovers a fun Bamboo inspired vase at Hosley International. A colorful vase at right with a novel wire handle from La La.


"I'm ready for you to pour the wine, now." J with Royal Green's Millie, the designer of J's number one pick for Pre-mades, a soft and airy confection of an arrangement. Incredible!!!!!

Suspended bottle vases were a fun venue at Royal Green.

J was enamored with the White and Yellow sunflower arrangement in Allstate's front window - another great fantasy flower. The antique Chinese bottle at right was one of many containers in the arrangement below. Don't you wish these containers were available?


J loves the elephant watering can at left and the egg baskets at right are an inspired design from California Floral Imports.


IMAX again has great decorative accessories including these flower themed items.

More fun flower themed containers from IMAX.


An alternative use for torchiére inverts it as a pew decoration - clever. Along with a novel display of ribbon in Craig Bachman's showroom.


Fantastic bubble vases and aesthetic-inspired tolle containers seen at Global Views.

A few more notes at Global Views. And some fun wall décor from Moore International - check out the JTV set this September for J's new friend.

Unique holiday offerings abound at The Finest Inc. including Spider Girl (left) and the snowman face ornament - an alarming likeness, don't you think?

Stool International offered items made with antique Chinese doors in a variety of new and exciting finishes.

Dresden Christmas offers a truly unique line of ornaments - the Monkey riding the Lion was a favorite - and wonderful dioramas. What a great way to display favorite or cherished ornaments all year long!

J with one of the winners of the AIFD Book of Floral Terminology - awarded just for attending a Top Ten presentation. At right, J presents the Christmas Top Ten.

A twist on the popular polka dot at CYS. J checks out the promotional signs for the Market.

Be sure to get to the Dallas Market Center in January - J will be presenting the January Top Ten Picks as well as a couple of extra surprises.

J encourages everyone to enter the National Christmas Tree Competition - A $2500 first prize including an all expense paid trip to the Dallas Market Center is up for grabs.