J and Kel travelled with Photographer David to Nipomo to shoot the new varieties for the Eufloria Catalog. Look for the updated pages to appear in January.

We were first greeted by this sign in Nipomo and wondered if we should turn back...

Fortunately we found THIS sign and decided to go forward.


David demonstrates the glamour of a location photo shoot. Yes he is standing on the conference table to get the shot - don't tell Andy.

J gets a set-up ready for a trade ad which was also shot on location.

David lines up the shot.

And Amos gets in on the fun as well. It's his garden we were shooting in afterall.

And a goat? Well Eufloria Flowers is a farm, right?

J visits with Amos.

Chad took us all to Rock N Dog - his sister in law's restaurant - great gourmet hot dogs and more - check it out when you're visiting the central coast!  Visit www.rockndog.net for the complete story. Pictured: Tom and Jennifer with J.

Katherine and Chad (Eufloria) with Grant one of their two boys.


J and Katherine show off the "Adult-sized Corn Dog" at Rock N Dog - what a great idea - those regular corndogs are never enough to eat. At left Grant has a special order.

Always a treat to catch up with Janna Neetz of Greenleaf Wholesale (and also Katherine's mom).

And another canine visit - Sierra is Chad and Katherine's buddy. (Can you tell J loves dogs?) They hosted a great steak and chicken cookout at their home. Thanks for the great hospitality guys!!

David, Kel and J celebrate a successful shoot.