J's program on Color and Merchandising was well received. Too bad it was only scheduled once.

This display shows the power of color.


The sign at left was a huge hit - the retractable image is easy to set up, interchangeable and available at Kinko's nationwide. Check it out for yourself.

Amy's Orchids generously donated beautiful product for the presentation.

Two more parts of the display, close up. Amazing Eufloria Roses top the Accent Decor containers above. Thanks again to all of the sponsors who donated product for the display and presentation.

J met up with Mike and Judy Romansik, FloraCraft.

J with Barbara Schnur of Brannan Street of San Francisco.

Carolyn (far left), Barbara's mom and her "gang" share an extended laugh in the lobby with J and Carolyn's daughter.

J and JTV fan Erlene - valuable insight was shared - Thanks Erlene!!

J and Sandra of SAF - not only very helpful, but lots of fun as well. At right, designs by 2006 Sylvia Cup winner, Conrad Quijas of Nebraska.

J with Dawn Larimer of Design Master - where's Dwight? Where's the rooster?


Eufloria's Polar Star won Best of Class AND Best of Show. Congratulations to the entire Eufloria team on this exceptional rose.

J and JTV fans Shayla and Becky.