The Master Florists of California requested a Sympathy show. J was pleased to oblige. The show was hosted at the San Francisco Flower Market - one of J's favorite places.

Just a hint of all the wonderful materials available at the Market - these came from the incredible Barbara Schnur (you know - Carloyn's daughter) at Brannan Street

WOW! Look at these Rainbow Roses!! And some dyed Teddy Bears have a bit more excitement to them!!

J with Carolyn's daughter, reviewing bagel and cream cheese choices - color coordination need not be overlooked.


Another fascinting product - dyed Kale from Blossom Valley Floral!!  At left - Gorgeous Pomegranites from Brannan Street!!

Three talented helpers made for a quick show prep day. Sandra and J show off the beautiful peach wreath she created which included unqiue products (including persimmons) from Vicki at Florist at Large.

J and Connie with the cross she created for the show. Thanks for your help Connie - we missed you the day of the show!!

Katherine was J's third Talented helper. At left Ornamental cabbage echoes the beautiful roses from Eufloria, available st Sakai Brothers in the market.

In the middle of creating more arrangements....

J and Rose Robinson, from the San Francisco Flower Market office - who gave up a good part of the weekend to host the show! Thanks go to Rose and Bob Otsuka for their hard work and hospitalty. At left - No this isn't Bob - this litte dog rode around on carts with his owner, one of the market vendors.

Incredible texture on pumpkins available at the market.

Lichen growing on branches... and cotton on the branch - where else can you find this??

Richard Kraus (right) was the gentleman with the Master Florists who invited J to perform. Left - J added a section of blue to Sandra's wreath to show how color can completely change the feeling on an arrangement.


More from the show...

J caught up with Alice White and Lynn Schur who hosted him at Bouquets to Art in 2005.

Melinda Lynch (to the left of J) brought 3 of her students from Cal Poly to see the show. Thanks for coming out!!

This arrangement by Sandra incorporates plants that can be kept as a keepsake.

Tulle over the delicate Baby Tears plant creates a sensitive feeling.

Last but not least J with students form San Mateo, Yelena and Irasema, who were pages for him during the show. Thanks for your assistance ladies!!