Become A Floral University Network Host

There is a unique opportunity for special individuals to HOST a Floral University Network School with J Schwanke to attend the educational event at a reduced price.

You can become a FUN School Host by contacting J and signing up to HOST an event in your city or at your local wholesale florist.

You would be the contact for the Floral University event and help coordinate the event with your local Floral Association or Wholesale Florist.

The benefits are simple: by Hosting the FUN School Event you would help enlist and encourage your friends and fellow florists to attend the school.
By being an authorized Host for the FUN Network you can help pay for your registration to the FUN School educational event.

The Floral University events are limited to 20 students per location. By signing up 10 students as a host you would receive a 50% reduction on your class registration.

Standard Registration $325.00

Your Registration with 10 Students Hosted 162.50

Sign Up 20 Students and your Registration is FREE!

This unique opportunity is offered to only ONE student per educational event and is limited to first come first served.

To Host a Floral University Network School with J Schwanke in your area follow theses simple steps:

Contact J to reserve a Date and sign up as a Host
Contact your local Wholesaler or Floral Association to serve as Network Partner
Reserve the Date with J
Reserve the Date and Space with the Network Partner
Contact your Friends and Floral Associates about the class
Sign Up 20 and get your class for FREE!

It’s as simple as that. If you have further questions just contact J in person for further information.

J Schwanke aaf, AIFD, PFCI
Fax 616-785-7053