Partner FAQ's About F.U.N -

Floral University Network
with J Schwanke

What is the Floral University Network with J Schwanke?
The Floral University Network with J Schwanke (or FUN with J ) was developed in 2001 by JMHS Enterprises Inc. to address the need for FUN basic floral design educational events that promoted the newest products and innovative creative floral techniques. J received frequent requests for basic training that included hands on, up close and personal training that was educational but above all FUN.Out of these requests J developed a series of four day-long educational events that would address the basic technical and business aspects of florists everywhere while introducing innovative and functional new procedures and ideas.The four events are Wedding, Sympathy, Color and Marketing and HolidayPreparation. J is currently expanding the curriculum to include other specific topics like Christmas and Body Flowers.

The Floral University Network is a Basic Floral Design Education program for florists of ALL skill levels that teaches the following :
• Trains floral designers and florists to make a profit
• Teaches florists to work Smarter not Harder
• Helps florists Develop Successful positive Floral design and business skills
• Gives florists the ability to practice hands on design techniques with fresh

   flowers without consumer pressure
• Offers an Accreditation process complete with certificates to display in

   their store
• Partners with Local wholesalers in the Education process improving

   customer relations and loyalty
• Puts the F.U.N. back into floral design

What Benefits do I receive as a Floral University Network Partner?
Your wholesale house or association is offered an exclusive education opportunity by region to partner with J in Floral University Network Classes. Offering your wholesale house or association these amazing benefits:
• Improved customer relations and inspired Loyalty through education
• Printed Certification for display in students stores
• Houses the Education Event thus tying your location directly to your

   customers through the educational conduit
• Increased profits through the direct purchase of fresh flowers and supplies

   for each student enrolled in the F.U.N. Classes (150.00 per student

   average) Classes are limited to 25 students per class and maintain a

   minimum enrollment of 10.

What are my responsibilities as a F.U.N. Partner?
To advertise and promote the educational event to your customers. Flyers, registration forms and templates are provided by the Floral University Network.

Provide the needed work and table space to hold the class at your location.
Allow the purchase of fresh flowers and supplies for the fun class at normal wholesale cost.

Sign the Completion Certificates for students enrolled in the class.

Relax and enjoy this positive promotion and the excellent marketing aspects of providing a high quality educational experience for the florist in today's marketplace.

How do I become a Network partner? (What does it cost me?)
Just hosting a "j" Show you already know the customer demand in your market for additional education events already exists. This allows your customers the exclusive opportunity to work with one of the Floral Industries leading experts to further their design and business skills.

The monetary investment is minimal at best. You simply provide the needed work and table space in your wholesale house and advertise and promote the FUN event. Word of mouth is the very best form of advertisement. The event is a one day event and the rewards are endless.

What do my customers get for their registration cost?
The benefits are many...

• A day long educational experience hosted by the Floral Industries most requested and talented floral educators in a small intimate group for one on one training. J M.H. Schwanke aaf, AIFD, PFCI is the floral industries most sought after floral education specialists. The students time spent with J is entertaining as well as rewarding.

• Fresh Flowers and supplies to complete the hands-on design projects are included in the class registration. No donations are required so the students are working with the freshest flowers and the floral industries newest and most innovative products.

• Lunch is included in the price of registration. Some of the best networking and ideas are generated during the lunch "hour" when the students and J interact in a casual one on one atmosphere.

• A full color Printed curriculum accompanies each class. Each curriculum has a place for notes and can be kept for future reference.

• A full color signed certificate of completion suitable for framing and display from the Floral University Network and the hosting Network Partner

What days are best to hold the FUN education event?
Naturally a class held following a "j" show is best. However timing and scheduling can be challenging for everyone. Smaller wholesale venues may prefer a Sunday (off hours) event so as not to conflict with normal business and space requirements. Larger venues may opt for the very popular "day after" event that generates a bit more interest. The wholesale venue is usually ready to show off and the area for the education event may already be clear for use because of the show.

How many students can attend the FUN Event?
Classes are limited to 25 students. Special Arrangements can be made to help facilitate larger groups if necessary.

Is there a minimum number of students needed to hold the class?
A minimum of 10 students is required to hold the FUN Class. Should there be the unlikely event of low registration, registration fees will refunded the day of the class. It is not uncommon that registrations may be less prior to a scheduled J show and class...however after the "j" Show most classes are completely filled.

How do my customers pay for the class?
All registrations are due prior to the scheduled class day. Floral University Network gladly accepts cash and personal checks. Sorry we are unable to accept credit cards at this time. However, many Network Partners will allow students to pay via their credit card through the wholesale house. This is very convenient and much appreciated and fosters greater customer flexibility and loyalty. It is suggested you assign a contact person at your wholesale house or association to handle the student registrations. This contact can answer questions that students may have about directions, tools needed, etc.

Who do we contact to set up a FUN educational event?
Simply contact J about hosting your FUN educational event or to schedule a J Show and FUN Class

J MH Schwanke aaf, AIFD, PFCI
Fax 616-785-7053
JMHS Enterprises Inc.
6844 Woodland Bluff NE
Comstock Park MI 49321