FAQ’s from Students about

The Floral University Network

with J Schwanke

What Should I bring to Class?
Since the Floral University Network (F.U.N.) School with J Schwanke is a Hands On experience; you will need the following tools and supplies:
- Design Knife
- Ribbon Shears
- Wire Cutters
- Stem Cutters (Loping Shears)
- Note Pad and Pen
- Camera (optional)

All the fresh flowers and innovative design supplies are provided with your registration. There is also a full color Cirriculum provided with the course. A camera is a great idea so you can record your fresh flower creations and those of the other class participants. Pictures are a great way to refer to what you have learned.

How many floral designs will we create in the class?
Class time provides for at least 4 floral designs…however in some cases others may be added if there is ample time. The remaining fresh flowers and supplies are yours to keep and take home. You can use them to get started implementing what you have learned or sell them to your customers for a profit.

What should I wear to the class?
Since the FUN School is held in a Network Partner Location or a hotel facility it can be very seasonal in temperature (hot in the summer or chilly in the winter) be sure to dress comfortable and casual. This is a FUN learning experience and J wants you to be comfortable at all times.

You may want to bring an apron for the hands on portion of the class.

What do I get for my registration fee?
For your Registration to the FUN School Event you get the following:
- 1 Full Day (approximately 8 hours) of Specialized Training in the selected

     Course Cirriculum with one on one personal attention from J Schwanke

     aaf, AIFD, PFCI one of the floral industries most experience floral

     education experts.
- 4 Hands On Design Applications with Fresh Flowers and Supplies Included
- A full color Design Cirriculum with reference materials for the design course
- Lunch with J and the other class participants
- A Signed Color Certificate of Completion from the FUN Network

      suitable for Framing

Can more than one person from a shop attend the FUN School?
Absolutely, in fact there is a price break for bringing additional students from one store location (see registration form for complete details)

What are my payment options for the FUN School?
Payment can be made with a personal or company check payable to:
The Floral University Network with J Schwanke or by credit card through the Network Partner(Wholesale Florist) at your location. Refer to your registration form for the contact name and Network Partner for your FUN School Event.

You also have the opportunity to become a FUN School Host and set up an educational event in your area. By Hosting the FUN school event, you help recruit other students and create the opportunity to reduce your registration fee. (See the Be a FUN School Host brochure for more details)

Some Network partners will allow you to make payments toward your FUN School event, and many Floral Associations have scholarship moneys that can be applied to educational events. Contact your State or Local Floral Association for Details.

What if I have further questions or want to know specific details about the class?
Feel free to contact the FUN School Network Partner listed on your registration form or contact J directly anytime!

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