The Art, Science & Future of Weddings

Instructor: J M.H. Schwanke, aaf, AIFD, PFCI

     Join Floral Industry Expert: J MH Schwanke aaf, AIFD, PFCI for a detailed look inside the colorful Art, exacting Science and Future of Wedding Design.

      Today's society is made up of a Kaleidoscope of different cultures.

Each embraces their own special colorful histories in wedding celebrations. Remembering that these special differences can many times take on the attributes of floral art.This can be especially challenging for the florist of today.

      We all know that wedding can be one of the most time consuming and labor intensive portions of our business. J will explore time and labor saving devices that won't sacrifice your floral Art.

      Using the elements and principles of floral design J will show you ways to increase your wedding flower sales and create more. The hands on portion of this class will give you the opportunity to experiment and perfect your wedding design techniques.

Making Money on Wedding Design is a Science

      J will provide you with tried and true formulas and simple blueprints for design that will make your cash register ring. Also step by step analysis of the wedding consultation process will be explored. Initiating this process will increase your wedding sales from the word 'go'!

      The newest wedding colors and trends forecast will create a bright new COLORFUL Future in Wedding Design. J will offer his insight as to what the future has in store for wedding designers and consultants in today's market.
The floral Industry's best and brightest new wedding products will be reviewed, tested and demonstrated. Learn the newest techniques in using color to make your wedding events the talk of the town.

      Don't miss this exciting and innovative Day Long Hands-On Educational Event jam packed with creative new ideas, profitable formulas and enlightened future trends in wedding design.

Course Outline will include:
- Complete guide to conducting the perfect wedding consultation
- Marketing ideas for wedding planners
- Pricing and quoting your weddings
- See and use new innovative wedding products

Hands-on Excercises may include:

- Pocket Square

- Composite Flower

- Elegant Bouquet Holder

- Glued Corsages

- New Wired Technique for Boutonnieres