J travelled to Amsterdam with the great Folks at Eufloria Flowers for the Horti-Fair event. J and the Eufloria team also visited the Alsmeer Flower Auction and nearby breeders.


Barry, from Rose breeder Schreurs was gracious enough to be the tour guide at the auction. Thanks Barry! The auction building is a model of technology and efficiency.


While at the auction, the above Rose Finess went for the highest price ever that day J attended the auction. Are you ready? 3.10 Euros per stem...which works out to...wait for it...almost $4 per stem - wholesale! At right, Blue dyed Roses are still a consistant seller at auction.

Beautiful Roses - there's nothing better! A great bi-color at left and a cross-bred Rose - not flowers that you see everyday, but wouldn't it be nice to?

A look inside one of the breeder greenhouses. At right Ric Rojahn, of Rojahn and Malaney in Milwaukee, is perturbed by the overhead lighting in the greenhouse - which makes it tricky to judge the true color of the blooms.

A display of new varieties.

A gorgeous David Austin style Rose (at left), also referred to as a Grandmother style. At right - are you ready for this - a Caramel colored Rose - definitely not your grandmother's Rose!


Two fascinating new Gerberas from Schreurs - Pasta di Mama (left) has petals that are reminiscent of pasta. The new Green Gerbera at right is a sister variety called Pasta al Dente.

One arrangement on display was this striking grouping of simple Pompons. Colored water gives the display at right the right effect for its container.


A Bouquet of Old Dutch Roses with an interesting touch on the Plumosa foliage - flat white Design Master Spray Paint. At right a simple bouquet...right. The Dutch love to showcase thier beautiful floral product.

Another unique display - this one featuring Micro Pompons and chopsticks wrapped with decorative wire.

Two Ranuncula Rose varieties - one 'striped' - both with an unusual Green center.

Great new colors in a Shaggy Ger-Spider - bet you can't wait to get your hands on them!

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