Arkansas State Florist Convention


Welcome to the great state of Arkansas! Cool retro-ish placemat at restaurant.

Close-up of where J's friend Todd Sweeden lives, Russellville,

among other interesting places.


Check out the gift basket from Arkansas State Florists!        

J can't help himself - he must demonstrate the aerosol cheese for the camera, it's the educator in him that makes him do it.


J and Dr. Jim DelPrince - Jim was the commentator for two days for the seemingly endless amount of arrangements created by the design panel. They were a prolific group, indeed.

J with Robbie Goodin of Goodin Industries who provided the fabulous fish for this popular sympathy arrangement. Get a better look at it in the recent John Henry Sympathy Book.


Trish (at left) and Chelle (at right) were            Sympathy Showstopper, the

wonderful assistants. Thanks for your              Breast Cancer Awareness

generous talents!                                            Ribbon - made from carnations.

J with AIFD mucky-muck Chris Norwood.

A mostly festive group - Craig 'Craiger' from Magnolia Wholesale, the seemingly somber Dr. DelPrince, the aforementioned Todd from Russellville and J.



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