The Collins boys at Georgia State Wholesale finally were able to get a spot on J's schedule. See what J created at perhaps the cleanest wholesale house in the country.


J chatted with Colleen - Gardens of America - she showed off the long laterals on their spray roses, as well as a variety of poms. At center - Kermit Poms creep down the sides of this cubed arrangement. At left a butterfly theme makes for a fun Stak Tree look - great for a trendy Christmas or next spring.

Greens mix with golds for an updated gold holiday look.

Traditional Red always has a place at Christmas. Greens again mix with Golds in this piece created by Andrew Stintson, who traveled from Columbia SC to assist J with his program.

Two more pieces created by Andrew as part of the Green segment - the green tree form again makes for a sold base to create with.

J was happy to meet and chat with these two JTV fans. Thanks for visiting JTV every week and for coming to the live show ladies!! At left - Glitter spray from Design Master gives this Eufloria rose a shimmering face. Colleen was fascinated by it! Try it for youself sometime.

The white segment makes use of Styrofoam products for a wintery snowscape for any situation.

And sometimes you just have to amuse yourself. The spacemen ornaments (yes, ornaments) were in the clearance aisle and we thought they looked great with the steps from Gates Ajar and some icy ornaments. Hence - Christmas in Space - Retro Style. Remember - Fun is where you find it!