A visit to the San Francisco Flower Market is always a treat. And it was the first order of business for procuring product for the presentation.


The San Francisco Flower Market always puts J in a good mood. If it is grown, you can usually find it here.


In great quantities, too.


Watch for this Blue Glitter Rose in J's presentation. Many thought it scandalous that he would choose to use such a product!

J inspects Ranunculas.

Wheat grass in square or round pots.

Maybe J doesn't know what he is holding up either - if he does, it will be posted later on. At right - Branches! - with Apple Blossoms still blooming.

At right, J and fellow presenter Liz Seiji, AIFD, discuss size?

Oranges on the branch - another incredible product available at the SF Market. Gogeous Orchids were in abundance.

A feast for the senses - that's the SF Flower Market!

The story continues in Part Two - take a tour of the Bouquets to Art exhibits at the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.