The International Floral Design Center, part of the Dallas Market Center, invited J to give a program on the Power and Magic of Color. Here J discusses the emergence of turquoise, paired here with chocolate brown as evidenced by these beautiful vases from Haeger. Don't you love the retro inspiration of the turquoise vase?


J utilized raw products from generous donors to the IFDC programs, to illustrate color palettes - the board n the right shows Red and Pink and at left is Lavender and Purple.


More Haeger vases and a unique lamp form Winward come together in the Orange vignette (right). Pink and Green swirled eggs from MereVic were a great example of the excitement that complementary colors evoke (right).

J's mother Joey Schwanke, pictured here with J, made the trip to the IFDC to see his presentation along with Mel Schwanke, J's father (in the backgound between them).

That afternoon J lead a walking tour of the IFDC and Dallas Market Center to highlight new products and ideas that he felt retailers should see,

This window at Evergreen has an amazing large format output of floral imagery as a backgound - great inspiration for window display.

This tree again highlights the emergence of Teal/Turquoise combined with browns - even for Christmas!

Asian influence continues to be strong as shown in this display at Verdissimo.

Another strong presentation - the carpet of monarchs is acheived with fewer butterflies than you might think - a layer of orange paper underneath (left) embellishes greatly.

More butterflies - this time a khaki background highlights teal at Lincoln Imports.

And the masters of color and trend in display, Global Views, live up to their well-deserved repuation as the best looking showroom in the Center. J ALWAYS makes time to see what Global Views has going on - not only is there great product but there's always great inspiration to be had.



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