Color combinations abound from the substantial mix of product found at the Flower Design Center. Blues accented a White Christmas theme. At left - look what a bit of shredded Styrofoam does for a blueberry stem.


A fun little snowscape in a great apothecary jar. A crescent moon Santa is a good match for this curving Stak Tree.

An arrangement form the Happy Christmas theme. At left - a more traditional red and green is updated with a Chartreuse apple garland.

J poses with the super staff at the FDC.

Kel, Marcos a new designer with FDC, J and Marcos' partner Ron.

FDC owners Lisa, Mae and Barney with J. Who's this cute pixie? (See below.)

J and Mae's sister Yo who catered the dinner for the show. J and Samantha who kept track of the products used in J's show. Everyone at FDC is friendly and fun to be around.


J and Sam, a designer at FDC. Lisa's daughter Amanda with J.

J also created this hand tied bouquet for a 2nd Garden Club show in the afternoon.

J with Bob Gordon who organized the Garden club visit. J had the chance to demonstrate how to breathe life into permanent botanicals.

Another wonderful piece created in front of the Garden Club audience.