Lincoln Wholesale had a unique request - a show that was part Sympathy and part Christmas - check out the results.

At left is a yellow themed extended Cross while a pink waterfall spray appears at right.


Carnations make for a beautiful Memory Garden arrangement. At right, J poses with Arlene of Lincoln Wholesale.

A trio of overturned containers form the base for this pretty Christmas piece.

That familiar Chocolate Brown works well with red and grape in this trio.


This stacked arrangement can become three separate pieces. A Hogarth curve arrangement is featured at right.

Apparently some of J's ideas have inspired Lee. at right, a small and simple, yet very effective and appealing grouping reflect the wintery holiday season.

J was very happy his sister Cindy and her Mac could make it to the show.

And the familiar faces kept appearing...former co-worker Kari attended J's

performance and had the chance to catch up.

What's a trip home without seeing Mom and Dad? Left to right: Mel Schwanke, Joey Schwanke and J.