A recent trip to Montreal reveals a great restaurant as well as some eye-catching window displays.


Saloon is located on Ste. Catherine Street and has great food, an inviting atmosphere and a friendly staff. The large clock at right greets you as you enter.


Beautiful floristry is on display throughout the establishment (even in the fantastic mirrored restroom (left).

J enjoying a window side seat amongst more arrangements. The detail at left shows the leaves pressed in the panels behind J.

The spot lights on the leaves change colors to great effect. No pictures, but our favorites menu items include:

Ham and Egg and Cheese Croissant

Four Cheese Pizza

Rodeo (French Fries with Cheese Curds and Gravy - Amazing)

Steak Margherita - Flank Steak with a Butter and Herb Sauce.

Onto interesting signs - It's important to know where the hockey rink is located. A seasonal sign promoting Easter Candy - we looked for the actual chocolate dog, but alas only bunnies were found. Cool image nonetheless!

Great interesting display for an Opometrist. Fun left over from Valentines.

Color catches the eye whether at a men's store window promoting undergarments...

Or a series of displays at an underground mall.

The fruit and color were a great device to tie together different stores in the same center.

Not a retail display, but cool outdoor artwork regardless.

And a crazy but friendly little vacuum cleaner that greeted us in the hotel hallway one day.