J has his Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato and is ready to work.


Kebbie Hollingsworth, Designer, is also J's personal assistant. J and Kebbie created all of the floral content for the new book, to be released January 2005. Be sure to ask your John Henry representative to reserve your copy early. At right, a sampling of new ribbon provided by the generous people at Berwick-Offray.


Each item that is created for the book is shot and then its contents are carefully recorded on production sheets. Ah...the glamour of paperwork!


J attaches one of the wrist corsages to the set, while David Ellison, photographer, helps(?).


A Hands-On Tips and Techniques book was shot simultaneously. Here J is shown with Brian Bankston, the sole photgrapher for this book. The images are shot from over J's and Kebbie's shoulders, so they are easy to understand. This requires that Brian is positioned high over the set with the camera. When on set, J's view of Brian is shown at right.

Pete "Angry Pete" Dewey was the assistant for Brian's set. Here, you can see one of the shots on-screen. Pete doesn't look very angry here...hmmm.


All of the flowers and greenery are kept in a refrigerator truck during the shoot. The truck requires 24 hour security to ensure that any potential malfunction can be addressed before any harm would come to the flowers.

Brandon, assistant - Pete - Lindsay, assistant - and Nicole Skaggs, photographer. Nicole shot some of the model photography for the book.


J pins a boutonniere on Dan, one of the models. J instructs model Cori (center) on set on how to position her bouquet in Nicole's next shot.


Kathy Price, hair and make-up artist, applies Cori's make-up for the next shot. Jeff, from the John Henry Company, looks on as Kebbie pins a boutonniere on Dan for the next shot.


J is excited to show the Blue Bouquet with glitter roses. The matching boutonniere is at right.


Louie, Brian's owner and sometime studio mascot, shows J some love. Kebbie demonstrates the over the eyglasses "look".


Davey takes Brandon's 'crunk' suggestion under consideration, as Louie looks on.


J and Kebbie give the pikake lei a test run. It        Mad props to Lindsay for keeping J stocked in

was from the Hawaiian Lei Company.com              Vanilla Coffeemate Creamer. She's Cheddar!!


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