J presented his Prom and Homecoming Flowers book to an enthusiastic crowd at Rojahn and Malaney. Take a look at the prolific amount of work!

This coil is a basic for working with wire in the book.

Three coils of wire attached together form the base for this braclet.

The Styrofoam boards above and below show some of the basic techniques and ideas from the book as well as showcase applicable pre-made items carried at Rojahn's.

At right , the wire leaf loops are a great starting point for beautiful flowers to wear.



At lower left stephanotis become body jewelry with the help of small band aids. At right Floralytes make a big impact when encased in wire cocoons.

Floral jewelry - a la Kebbie Hollingsworth - a connected bracelet/ring and a coordinating necklace (left and center). Popular Butterflies make a statement on the cascading wristlet at right.

Butterfly wings cleverly take the place of leaves, while a larger Butterfly becomes a bracelet when glued to wire.

An ivy headband...

...has simple mechanics. At right, Magic Lights draw interest to this otherwise understated look.

At left a shoulder corsage. At right, more floral jewelry in the form of a necklace.

This wrist corsage feature Marie Claire by Eufloria Flowers. Vendela roses, also by Eufloria, are the featured flower of this wire-based epaulette. It is attached to the wearer's shoulder with a sports bandage.

Two of the newest varieties of Eufloria Roses were shown at the event,

Old Dutch (left) and Ranunculas (right).


J gets mic'd up before the show. J with Walter Rojahn, the patriarch of the Rojahn and Malaney Wholesale Florist Dynasty.

On stage, J discusses the importance of ribbon to the youger consumer.

J with those Rojahn kids: (Left to right) Ric(k) Rojahn, Tina Rojahn Elsafy,

J and Anthony Rojahn. Special thanks to Anthony and his wife Liz for inviting J and Kel over for a home cooked meal of pot roast, mashed potatoes and asparagus - with brownies and ice cream for dessert - a verrry popular menu in Milwaukee. We LOVE Liz!!!

As the evening wound down, the drawings for the door prizes were hosted by Tina - "PICK ANOTHER NUMBER, TINA!!"

While it was a fast trip, J did have a chance to snap this pic of the cow statues behind Kopp's Ice Cream. You don't see that every day!