J was in Dallas to be photographed and filmed for promotional materials for the January market, where he will again be the AFIA spokesperson in the International Floral and Gift Center.

J sits down in the make-up chair before the shoot. At right, make-up artist extraordinaire, LB gets J's "paws" ready, too.

J places the Santa hat "just so." The image at right shows that alot goes into a shoot like this. J has been placed in a Dallas-sized and Santa-sized present.

J gets wired for sound. At right, J appears on the playback monitor showing footage that was taken. He looks great - check out www.afia.net in October to see J's work!

J was also shot for stills by his personal photographer, Brian Bankston. Brian came down from Michigan just to shoot J in Dallas - Thanks Bri!! Look for J in the trade pubs this fall!!

J with campaign mastermind Carrie, from AFIA's agency Springboard. Cindy also from Springboard, keeps everything organized and moving along.

J and Kel designed the modern Santa suit and it was hand-crafted in Grand Rapids especially for this project. Wait til you see it in person in January in Dallas!!

Why is J so glum with so much money in his hands? He had to give it back after the shoot! AFIA is sponsoring a Christmas Tree Decorating Competition with CASH PRIZES - check out the details at www.afia.net!! At right J is with Bob, yes Bob, the other performer in the video spot.

A full length look at J-Santa as Brian captures more stills.

J with LB who makes sure J looks great when shooting in Dallas. Thanks LB!! and thanks for the great dining suggestion - Tei Tei - check it out when you're in Dallas - it was amazing!!