J gave a Seminar on the Prom and Homecoming Flowers Book at the Farewell Frankie Shelton Advanced School.


J and the woman of the hour, Frankie Shelton. Center - Col. Richard Seaboldt gets ready for his presentation. Regina Berryman, who once commentated a J show in Portuguese, with J at right.

Marilee Evans, J, Karen Farmer, Susie Person, Richard Seaboldt and Diana Wilcox enjoy lunch as well as some great company.

Richard shows Dr Jim Del Prince something from his presentation? At right, J with Connie Bell-Gustafson - they explored Graceland together - but NO pictures - sorry, we HEAR it was fantastic fun.

Kebbie Hollingsworth (with J) came all the way from Pensacola Florida to experience the spectacle of the last Shelton Advanced School. Dr Del Prince (center) continues his crusade against smiling on funwithj.com. J becomes a member of the "clean plate club" by finishing his country ham and redeye gravy?


Richard and Diana cut-up. Richard examines J's beardlet (center). And Dr. Del Prince is finally tricked into smiling for funwithj.com.

Dr. Del Prince congratulates Frankie on a great finale to her Advanced School.