Southern Retail Florists

J not only gave a sympathy presentation, but also demonstrated in Eufloria Flowers' booth. If you want to see what was the sympathy show was like, check out earlier news items on this website.


This was created with an array of Orange Eufloria roses.

Gorgeous Aqua roses from Eufloria.

J noticed this event on a lunch break - people waiting in line in downtown Charlotte on a weekday to purchase hand tied bouquets from a street vendor.

J ran into long-time friend Virgil Winslow (kind of Santa-like nowadays), it was good to catch up with him.


Bob Hampton also gave a program at the event; another booth demo.

New friends were made as well. J had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Stintson. Andrew assisted Deborah De La Flor with her program.


Two GREAT restaurants were discovered by J in Charlotte. Mimosa and Zink are both located downtown and delicious. Check them out when you are in town!