J presented the latest in products and ideas from Design Master and Smithers Oasis at the WF & FSA Summer Sales Camp in St. Louis Missouri. For more information on J presentations and shows contact J through this website.

Design Master Color Tool's Just for Flowers was on the Agenda for the letter J in the presentation.

Olive Bright, one of the first original colors that Design Master introduced in its first color line, is back in the exact same formulation and is J's favorite. Which just goes to show - everything comes back around eventually.


J shows the audience the new Rainbow Foam Cubes from Smithers Oasis.

The Rainbow Foam Cubes create the charming Ladybug mosaic inside a Rainbow Foam Wreath Ring.

Another creative use for the cubes - they come together to form a checkerboard which can be embellished with fresh floral product.


J took time to visit the Gateway Arch, formally known as the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. The Arch is an impressive and beautiful monument, symbolizing the door to the American West.

This picture gives an idea of the scale of the structure. The Gateway Arch Park is located right on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Kelly literally laid on the ground to capture this image of J in front of the Arch - J is actually standing in almost the same location as the previous picture. You may note the storm clouds gathering above the Arch. Moments after this picture was taken we visited the museum located directly underground from the Arch (which was also very cool and informative). As soon as we were inside, the rain came down in sheets. It is possible to ride to the top of the Arch (inside it) but we chose to enjoy it from the outside only.