J finished these projects only half way so visitors to the John Henry booth could see how they were constructed and show off the products.


New colors in development for Easy Wreaths at FloraCraft. The arrangement at right shows how much floral content only 1/2 of a Designer Dome Single can hold - imagine it filled completely!

Two more projects created at the FloraCraft booth. Both feature beautiful Eufloria Roses. The container at right is from FloraCraft's Timeless Collection and was easily decorated with paints and a round foam brush.

J catches up with Eric and Ann Benjamin. What could J and Ann be up to? Keep an eye out for an upcoming travel opportunity with J and Flora magazine.

Great new Delphineum varieties from Valleflor shown at the new products exhibit.


Brightly colored Orchids and a new Hypericum variety were also on display.

Eufloria Flowers Captured the Best New Product Ribbon at the entire Expo

for the amazing Sanaa+.

Many new and exciting tulip colors were seen.

Bobbi Ecker Blatchford and J at dinner at the Kona Cafe in the Polynesian Resort. At right, J and Beth Ann Morsman of FloraCraft.

Barbara Bishop from Diamond Line also joined the group at dinner, as well as Norma Chapman of Dow and Kel. (Apparently Norma is a bundle of energy - not easy to keep up with)

By the way, the Kona Cafe is a great dining option when visiting Walt Disney World - easy to get to  - just take the monorail from the Magic Kingdom.

Speaking of the Magic Kingdom - check out the Eufloria t-shirt in front of the castle. Kel and J had a nice conversation with Friar Tuck about how busy the park was!

J and Kel also caught up with the Rojahns of Rojahn and Malaney Wholesale of Milwaukee. Rick and Carol Rojahn at left. J with Liz Rojahn at right.

Dinner at the House of Blues featured an enormous helping of ribs which Liz shared with everyone.

8Trax on Pleasure Island was THE hot spot as everyone dances to We Are Family. Left to Right: Anthony Rojahn (Liz's hubby), Chad Nelson (Eufloria Flowers), Rick, Liz and Kel. Fun was had by all! Thanks for a great time.