The Christmas displays have gone up in the kitchen - above the cabinets. See what new products are making this the best display yet.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer gets us started... new LED lighting available for the holidays - doesn't get as hot and is said to last longer. Styrofoam blocks form the base for most of these displays. Cotton Batting covers like a blanket of snow.

Uplighting plays a big part of the drama created for the Bumble... ooh scary! Check out the nifty tree form (in the center of the image) from FloraCraft.

Aww... Bumble is not soooo scary afterall. Santa gets ready to pick up the Misfit Toys... who remembers why the doll is a Misfit?

King MoonRacer (next to another FloraCraft tree) watches over the proceedings to make sure Santa doesn't desert the Misfits again (you know, Santa was kind of harsh in parts of that special).

Rudolph leads the team.

And the other 'team' lead by...

Yukon Cornelious! Wait a minute tho'... weren't the sled dogs always riding on the sled? We may have to reconsider this for next year.

The elves don't seem too concerned about the Bumble... the great lighted tree on the left was found on the trip to Canada - at Hoflund's.

Remember the Miser Brothers? From The Year Without a Santa Claus. Dat Dat Dat Daat Daaaa Dat....


Some drama, for the boys, with another great lighted tree form from Hoflund's.

Okay... here;s where the specials started co-mingling in the display - but didn't we all want to see this happen anyway? And - Christmas Special experts out there - if you can find what's wrong in this picture drop J an e-mail.

Co-mingling continues... Fred Astaire and his mail truck from Santa Claus is Coming to Town... are there any kids out there who know who Fred is nowadays?

Winter Warlock knows how to make an entrance... watch out little Kringle! J created this winter forest for a Christmas Party Invitation a few years back and now Winter Warlock calls it his home!

And the reformed Warlock outside of Santa's Castle... Winter, please.

And now for something completely different... can hear the soundtrack in your head, can't you? A Charlie Brown Christmas still going strong at 40 years! It is Kel's favorite Special.

And the outdoor scene... Styrofoam sheets sure come in handy...

Snoopy has won the decorating contest...again!