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It took three years of planning to get J to Wichita! Kerry Sallabedra at Valley asked J to do a show a long time ago, but they could not get the schedule to meet until June 14, 2005. So J was happy yo finally get to Valley, a great supporter of the florist and education in the floral industry.

Jennifer Johnson from Eufloria Flowers, one of the sponsors, joined us and set up a display of Eufloria roses - "the most beautiful rose on the planet" as J says. Jennifer has a great sense of humor and made our time in Wichita even more fun.

J had some excellent help with preparation for the show from Karen, a local florist.

This lovely Faux Hand Tied arrangement was created by Karen. Whoever said good help is hard to find has not been fortunate enough to work with Karen,

Another one of Karen's creations. J always encourages anyone interested in assisting, to let their wholesale florist know - it can be a great learning experience for all.

This amazing casket spray was created entirely of Eufloria Roses - not even any additional greenery was used. Not only are the Eufloria Roses gorgeous, so is the foliage.

This arrangement uses a series of spheres of floral foam to create this incredible arrangement


One of J's favorite Eufloria roses is Milva.

The most popular arrangement in the Sympathy Flowers book by John Henry is the breast cancer ribbon. This variation in red Eufloria Roses symbolizes AIDS remembrance.

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