J experiments with some shapes from FloraCraft...or is that Hans?

The famous Pink ribbon on a FloraCraft Ribbon form.

Nifty Reindeer from kits by FloraCraft - Beth Ann Morsman from FloraCraft adds the final touch.


FloraCraft offers many shapes and sizes of styrofoam, many of which are new to the floral industry. Keep an eye out, they are coming your way soon!

Making Christmas...er Halloween with Styrofoam! FloraCraft's Christy (at right) was also at the shoot.

This cake will be at the Dallas Market Center - see if you can find it when you are there - and say hi to J when you do. Keep watchful eye out for this character on the right - he may be turning up in 2006!

The Stak Tree kit was used on J's Christmas displays in his kitchen - take a detour if you have not yet seen them. At right, Roger didn't do it - whatever it was.

Assistant Josh and Photographer Roger marvel in amazement at Roger's monitor.

J discovers,"There's always another use - just turn it upside-down!"