Continuing J's experience in Amsterdam, courtesy of Eufloria Flowers...

As the day begins Chad Nelson, Sales Manager of Eufloria Flowers, is the first one on the bus! J marvels at the fresh flower vending machine (at right). Flowers are everywhere in the Netherlands. Standing with J is Ric Rojahn of Rojahn and Malaney, also invited by Eufloria and a veteran of the Eufloria Amsterdam trips.

J visits with Els and George Hazenberg, who hosted and prepared dinner for the Eufloria group one lovely evening. Els is a recipient of the AIFD Design Influence Award...and a great cook and hostess! Her house was adorned with her signature floral designs. George fixes a great cocktail and has just as many stories as J!

The Dutch are a very well-organized, well-thought out society. Even the fruit stand is neat and orderly (left). And the unusual and beautiful fruit at right is called...well J never found out its name in spite of seeing it often...if anyone knows the name please e-mail J.


The buildings are so close together in the city that furniture has to be hoisted up if it is to be placed above the main floor - see the crane near the top (picture at left). At right we note the owner's distaste for stair step loiterers - watch your back side!

J, Chad and Ric vistied the Rijksmuseum. The armoire door at right - note the incredible inlaid wood - is an example of how pervasive flowers are in everyday life in the Netherlands.

Shop windows for eyeglasses and Harley Davidson fashion also make use of flowers in their displays.


Footwear featuring flowers...a charming thanx doodle from a waitress...

...even the decoration on metal gates of a public permeate everyday life - how cool is that?!! I bet you could even find flowers on this statue (at right)...oh wait... that's not a statue, it's a street performer!!

In case you were tempted to smoke in the elevators...neither Chad or Ric smoke, but they did take a marathon trip to Germany - 6 hours each about smokin' up the autobahn!


J's next car - the adorable Smarte Car. Ric enjoys his Jiggly Juice (at right) an ice cream type of confection... enjoyed daily...(sometimes twice). But you must get it with sprinkles - which the Dutch refer to as 'disco'. Try that one the next time you visit ColdStone.

More easy to understand Dutch instructions...although Ric, Chad and J agreed that the figure at left looks strikingly like Ric's brother Anthony. At right we continue our international survey of figures in walking signs - nicely upright with no perceptable back pain.

An interesting combination of Christmas balls in the display at left - brown shades, red shades, shiny, frosted, opaque. Cakes in the shapes of Dutch Christmas icons Sinter Klass (Santa Claus - sort of only grumpier) and his helper Zwarte Pieten - translated loosley, Black Pete - he's the guy who passes out the presents. Frequently abbreviated to Sint & Piet.

With that, and fond farewell to Amsterdam and the opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday season.

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