Horti-Fair is the largest horticulture trade fair of it's kind. It is held every year in Amsterdam and it is an incredible event for any floral enthusiast to attend. J was very impressed with all aspects of this event.


At left is an entire wall displaying the many colors and varieties of Pompons. Living Proteas made up aisles for exploring (at right).


These Jelly Fish-like armatures were a sight to see - fascinating. The display at left is made up mostly of decorative wire. There was texture everywhere.


What's more fun than flowers as food? This display (at left) show just how fun a floral cake walk can be. Speaking of food, check out this Pitcher Plant in Chocolate and Green hues (right).

Chocolate colored Spider Amaryllis - spectactular! The importance of Green is in no danger of diminishing as evidenced by this Trachelium, one of many

new green colored flower varieties.

These flowers were captured in a hot glue web by a French artist - an interesting concept. Even the funiture incorporated flowering plants (at right). This seat had Cyclamen living inside of it.

Another new concept - what makes these Roses so interesting? Texture. How is it acheived - wax. Flocked Roses were also on display. And look at the flair on the hand bouquet at right. Ideas and innovation as far as the eye can see.

Color, color and more color at this display of containers.

Spider Mums - not only 'hairier' than ever before, but also now in a wonderful Chocolate Brown.


New Lillies as tall as 10 feet - amazing. A fantastic Rose entryway display is shown at right.


Green shows up again in this cheerful Ranuncula (left). A great new Christmas Berry plant (right)  - J has already seen this fun plant in the U.S. market.

Speaking of Christmas - Lavender/Purple Poinsettias are on their way.

Last but not least, a double or 'twin' Pink Antherium called Twingo.

For more on Amsterdam and the incredible flowers being developed, be sure to explore the news items Amsterdam One and Amsterdam Two also on this website.